About Us

iPhysicianHub offers solutions and services both for patients and health care providers and connects the patients with the providers to receive the care they need. Any healthcare provider in India can join iPhysicianHub network and anyone can use iHealthAssistant to manage their personal health and connect with any provider in the network.

iPhysicianHub offers various solutions and services to its healthcare provider community (registered members) to transition their healthcare facilities to state-of-the-art digital facilities. iPhysicianHub’s Electronic Medical Office solution is tested and certified by different certification agencies in the US and is ONC ATBC2014 certified, and one of the first solutions to be pre-validated by NCQA for Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) certification, Providers can choose from multiple solutions and services available, including electronic medical office platform to transition their facilities to electronic medical facilities, hospital information systems, e-prescription, pharmacy management system, lab orders systems, apps, online appointment booking, e-consultations, cashless payments, patient engagement, etc. Currently iPhysicianHub solutions and services are used in India by the hospitals, clinics, diagnostic labs, pharmacies, and the patients.

Also, iPhysicianHub’s, iHealthAssistant app for patients is a most comprehensive mobile health app to manage all of their healthcare needs, including, appointment booking, reminders, health diary, e-consultation, manage health & fitness, storing health records. Patients can use iHealthAssistant with app or browser, from a mobile phone or a desktop, and securely share their medical records with family members or providers through SMS, WhatsApp, and email. Also, patients can use e-consult for remote consultation with the doctor and doctors can use EMO-iClinic App to easily interact with their patients from anywhere and anytime.