EMO-iHospitalSM for Hospitals

Hospitals can join iPhysicianHub Nationwide Healthcare Hub for free and add/update their profile so that the patients can easily find them and book appointments online or with their iHealth-Assistant app from anywhere and anytime. Also, by joining the network hospitals can receive online patient referrals from the doctors.

Whenever the hospitals are ready to transition to electronic medical records, they can use sign-up for EMO-iHospital – a cloud-based EHR and Hospital Information System (HIS), which includes inpatient, outpatient, lab, radiology, administration, inventory, and billing & payment processing. Hospitals can also use EMO-iHospital for patient reach-out services via text, WhatsApp, and email to inform patients about health camps, health education, events, promotions, etc.

Hospital staff can also download and use apps – EMO-iClinic App for outpatient clinic and appointment booking, EMO-iDiagnostics app for the diagnostic center, and EMO-iPharmacy app for the in-house pharmacy.