iHealth-Assistant App for Patients

iHealth-Assistant app has everything that a patient and a doctor need. The app empowers patients to control their own health, connects blood donors and recipients, and connects patients with doctors/labs/hospitals/pharmacies for appointment booking, ordering lab tests, accessing test results, and ordering medications/refills from anywhere and anytime.

The app enables patients to record and track their health problems, vitals, medications, etc., and share their records with the doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment.

iHealth-Assistant also helps patients store their medical records, lab reports, prescription orders, etc., so they can easily share with any doctor. This greatly helps the doctors as they don’t have to struggle with lack of information for providing proper diagnosis and treatment.

In addition, the app enables patients to search blood donors, as well as setup an emergency contact to access and share health records in case of an emergency and use e-consultation to consult a doctor anytime.

Patients can also use any available coupons/discounts at participating healthcare providers, labs, and pharmacies.